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Assalamualaikum guys

howdy howdy howdy howdy and howdy??
aaahhh long time not write in this blog

guys now i wanna ask you first? what do you think about girl who wear hijab? is she beautiful? right, i think thats right, all girls who wear hijab absolutely beautiful, they emit their aura and natural light from inside...
yap its sure.... any way about hijab, in moeslem the woman have to cover her "aurat".

oh ya, then i wanna tell the story from the first time i use hijab and alhamdulillah untill now

i wear hijab when at the first time when i school in MTsN 2 biringkanayya mks, but when i was school there im not use my veil when i went out from my house, although i use hijab when i went to school, but i still think how can i use my hijab permanently. sometime i think use hijab is monotonous and we only can pin our veil and all kind of veil is monoton, i always surf in internet how to make the hijab look stylish if we use it, but the fact i only can get the style which is only for old woman, ahh it is not my style, its not a teenager style... one more thing i always do in order to i can use hijab permanently, i pray to Allah in order Allah can give me hidayah so i can conscious and use hijab permanently. And alhamdulillah im so glad cause Allah fulfill my prayer, and Allah give me ramadhan gift, what is that??? the gift is, i use hijab permanently, alhamdulillaaaaahhh :D so glad.
this is some of my old photo when i use hijab permanently..

this is when the scout from my school and i do succesful preserve the trophy from makassar governor
haa this one when i ate my lovely snacks "ice cream"

Ehm... im not stop my ikhtiar just until there, but i always looking for how can i use hijab without monotonous style, i surfed in internet, looked for hijab style in book store, and alhamdulillah i get the result from my ikhtiar and my effort.

first time i found kak TRI RIZKI AMALIA's blog.... next teh DIAN PELANGI's blog and many more that i cant write one by one ... by Allah and by their assistance i can realize my dream... alhamdulillah... not only me, but i also can help my friend to make over their hijab style..
by the way maybe not only hijabers who like their hijab style, but maybe woman who not use hijab yet wanna use hijab cause their inovation... hopefully Allah give them many rewards. amin.

oh ya last post, i wanna share some of my conversion since i know them

when i hang out with ajeng

hmmm i think just that what i can post today.. so girl dont hate to use hijab, cause Allah obligate us to use it, and last i wanna say I PROUD TO BE HIJAB GIRL :D


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