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assalamualaikum girls, well actually i have to post this on december 2011, but i just got time to write it down. 17th december, was a day when i had a project, actually its not a project but i just help my friend Nisa and my lil sist Prilia darmana to be their fashion sylish cause they want to join on DARA DAENG COMPETITION in my school.
Girl, among all the participant of DD contest, only them who use hijab. Alhamdulillah i can help them with all my maximal effort and also with my beloved friend assist, ajeng, who help me to preen them, also tari and ela. thanks a lot guys :*
Nisa, Me(tiwi), and Prilia Darmana

Prilia Darmana

so girl? how about you? i hope it good, nice.... and i hope it can be a good started for me to be a fashion stylish or fashion designer (if it become to me :) keep reading girls

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